Where I Grew Up

Ah, the Napa Valley - Known for its fine wine and picturesque vineyards. I am currently back in my little suburban home due to COVID-19. While the redwoods are great, I miss my SB palm trees.

the Napa Valley


olé olé olé olé gauchos gauchos
I am a Pre-Psych and Brain Sciences major at UCSB! While I am sad that spring quarter was cancelled, I had a great start to my freshman year and I am so excited to go back to the beautiful Santa Barbara.


G's Thoughts

This is where I put anything that is on my mind! Ideas, funny stories, rants, opinions and facts, and anything else my little heart desires.

me and some flowers

Some Really Cool Art

I took an Art History class in high school and fell in love with some pieces. I hope you like them too.

Some of My Favorite Things

The world is a beautiful place with many things to love. Here are some of the things that make my heart happy.


I think my love of baking comes from my huge sweet tooth...I have to know how to bake in order to satisfy it! Also, baking is a form of art and I like experimenting with it.


I love musicals and anything that either has a good vibe or I can sing/dance passionately to.
Here's my Spotify

The Office

This show is amazing. Here is a funny scene.
Big Box

Late Night Adventures

There's something exciting about being out at night and going on unplanned outings with friends.


My proof is in this picture.
an alpaca


While I haven't been many places, I cannot wait to travel when I am older. I am hoping to study abroad somewhere in Europe during my college career.

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