These are my
Favorite Things

The world is full of so many beautiful things and I want to share with you some of my favorites!!


I think my love of baking comes from my sweet tooth. I have to be able to satify it! Baking is also fun to experiment with because it's a way to be artistic. I think my favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies, but I love anything chocolate!


I really love listening to musicals because it is fun to sing and dance passionately to the songs. I wouldn't say I have a specific genre I listen to. It's pretty much whatever my ears and brain decide they like. Here's my Spotify if you want to check it out.

The Office

This show is amazing. Michael Scott is iconic. Here's a funny scene.
Big Box

Late Night Adventures

There's something exciting about being out at night and going on unplanned outings with friends, especially in the summer. The cool nights, the bright moon and stars, the quiet town.


an alpacaMy proof is in this picture. Nothing else needs to be said.


While I haven't been many places, I cannot wait to travel when I am older. I am hoping to study abroad somewhere in Europe during my college career. I want my life to be full of experiences, rather than things. I want to make amazing memories with the ones I love.


Chartres Cathedral
The Great Wave
Calling Matthew
A winged statute
A kiss
Girl with a pearl earring
School of Athens

Top: Chartres Cathedral, Under the Wave Off Kanagawa, The Calling of Saint Matthew
Middle: Winged Victory of Samothrace, The Kiss, Liberty Leading the People
Bottom: Girl with a Pearl Earring, Sunflowers, School of Athens


To be honest, I haven't read much for fun lately. I have been reading a lot for school and don't pick up a book for enjoyment! But I want to get into reading more so please leave me a recommendation!

Book Recommendations