This is
Grace Littlefield

This is my life.

It's all about me.

It ain't always easy.

Being a straight G.


Grace Littlefield

Here is a little bit about me!

a pic of me

Where I Grew Up
~Napa, California~

The Napa Valley

I was raised in the beautiful Napa Valley! It is famous for its wineries and vineyards. I live in the suburbs, but a drive up valley is always filled with picturesque views! I love the NorCal redwoods, but I am excited to see the SoCal palm trees again soon!

Where I Go To School


I am a first-year at the University, of California, Santa Barbara, although now I attend via Zoom. My first year has been so fun because of all the people I met and I can't wait to go back. :)

What I Study


I plan on graduating with a B.S. in Psychology, so I am focusing on the scientific field instead of the therapeutic route. I became interested in psychology due to my love of personality tests and fascination of mental disorders. It's amazing that people can have the same brain structure but think so differently!



Arts and crafts are fun projects to keep me busy and create something cool. I love painting, crocheting, and sometimes I like dabbling in sewing. I really love Michaels and hope to work there someday (mainly to get discounts on my crafting materials).